Improved fish welfare increases quality and profit

Improved fish welfare increases both quality and profit. This is critical in aquaculture where fish health have great significance for the ability to reduce stress, bacteria, virus and parasites like sea lice. As a society, it is our social responsibility to fight mortality and reduce wastage in the industry of aqua culture.

Maintain fish welfare and the environment during handling and processing of fish.

To maintain optimal fish health, reduce stress and fight diseases, it is of utter importance to handle the fish gently. As a world leader in live fish handling, we have developed system solutions to handle fish in a sustainable and gentle way. We continuously work to promote good fish health, maintain fish welfare and safeguard the environment when developing our products and solutions for handling and transportation of live fish. 

Fish welfare = sustainable fish handling

Modern wellboats transports and handles huge amounts of fish and values. Handling and transporting biomass in a safe and sustainable manner is crucial both for our customers and the environment. It is our social responsibility to contribute with good and safe solutions for our customers and the generations to come.

Transportation and pumping of fish will always involve a certain amount of risk. Factors such as water quality, temperature and cleaning, combined with fish density and pump distance,  is crucial for fish welfare. For this reason we have developed a series of patented solutions like the Rid Fish Pump and Fish Tank System, to safeguard fish welfare and minimize risk for our customers. 

Fish Welfare and MMC First Process. 

Our care for our customers, fish welfare and the environment is always our highest priority. We work constantly to improve our sustainable fish handling solutions that improve fish welfare and maintain the environment. We work together with our customers to make the best possible solutions for every need. 

Our experienced engineers collaborates with the production department to lead the development of quality assured system and solutions that has long durability, safeguards biosecurity and promotes good fish health. 

MMC First Process have in collaboration with the Norwegian authorities, developed innovative solutions to increase fish welfare. Our solutions has contributed to the change of the seafood industry by increasing sustainability and protecting the environment. 

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