Aquaculture – sustainable system solutions

With an estimated population growth of 2 billion the next 30 years, the demand for animal protein will increase by 52 percent.

Wild fish have been exploited for generations, and estimates suggest that the annual catch of edible marine protein has already passed its peak the way we harvest the world`s resources today. Responsible and sustainable fishery with utilization of the biomass will be crucial going forward. The oceans cannot naturally provide the growing demand for seafood. Aquaculture is the tool to fill in the gap of seafood supply.

MMC First Process takes full responsibility for vital systems in the Aquaculture industry both on- and offshore. Our systems are based on fully integrated automation including handling, processing and cooling of the biomass. A constantly evolving product range is based on years of experience and complemented by the number one suppliers in the industry. 
Fish welfare is our main priority, and with our knowledge and experience we design solutions focusing on high level of animal welfare combined with a high focus on biomass security to ensure the highest possible product quality for our customers.
In joint efforts with our customers we aim to reduce loss through sustainable fish handling, add value to the brand, preserve quality and add to the profit of farming live animals.

Benefits of our solutions:

- Preserve the environment 
- Sustain food quality
- Maintain fish welfare
- Cost efficiency
- Reduction of loss
- Tailormade solutions
- Space efficient systems
- High levels of hygiene
- Efficient freezing time