A complete supplier of sustainable fish handling systems in one company

Handling, processing and cooling of fish to the seafood industry – worldwide

MMC First Process dates back to 1984 and has since become the market leader in development and production of systems for live fish handling. 

We aim to transform the seafood industry by our sustainable system solutions, working in close cooperation with our customers to make them the best in the world in handling the oceans most valuable resources in a sustainable way. 

FISH Handling architecture

We design complete fish handling architecture and safeguard our customers solutions.
Pumping, grading, cooling and storing; it´s all included in the process of handling fish. Maintaining fish welfare is crucial for the quality of the fish stock. Gentle fish handling, perfect temperature and a good surveillance system from MMC First Process ensures biomass security. 

An innovative veteran in fish handling. 

We have been working with fish handling for more than 35 years. In a global market that has evolved and undergone massive changes, our expertise from the on-shore, onboard and aquaculture fish handling industry is unique. We always plan long term when engaging in new customer relationship, supplying systems that is built to last. We work hard to be the best partner for our customers, and we have described it in our mission like this:  

MMC First Process mission.
Our purpose is to work together to make our customers the best in the world at handling, processing and cooling the sea’s most important food resources effectively, sustainably and carefully. 


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