​Sustainable fish handling – it`s in our nature.

The nature and surroundings at the coast of Norway have created a culture for pioneering.

Our forefathers taught us to harvest what we needed and to utilizing everything that we harvested. Through generations we have been pioneers in harvesting from the ocean. Here at the pure and harsh westcoast of Norway we have lived by and harvested from nature. And that’s why we love to think, act and live sustainable lives. It`s in our DNA. 

The world's population is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years. Global food demand is increasing rapidly and the answer lies in the oceans. We all need to make sure there is enough food for everyone. For this reason we have to harvest and utilize the oceans resources in a sustainable way.
Caring for our customers, the fish welfare and the environment is always our highest priority. Our Teams at MMC First Process will continue to be a world leading pioneer in sustainable fish handling. 
We have all a responsibility for the generations to come, that is why we spend lots of time and effort in developing state of the art technology that improves fish safety, food quality with increased profitability and system solutions within fish handling, processing and cooling. We are proud to say; 

MMC First Process -Sustainable fish handling- it`s in our nature. 

MMC FIRST PROCESS sustainable development goals

We want to make a difference.

The UN sustainable development goals are implemented in the MMC FIRST PROCESS strategy. We have chosen seven goals that we have highlighted and where we want to make a difference with our complete sustainable system solutions.