Our vision is to transform the world’s seafood industry so it can manage nature’s marine resources in a more sustainable and environment-friendly manner, and thereby create added value for businesses and society at large. 

Our purpose is to work together in- making our customers successful at handling, processing and cooling the sea’s most important food resources effectively, sustainably and carefully. 

MMC First Process has brought all the capabilities for our customers needs in one company, creating real and measurable value for each customer. 

This pooling of specialist expertise makes MMC FIRST PROCESS a complete supplier of advanced system solutions of fish handling to the seafood industry within wild catch and aquaculture – worldwide.

Sustainable Fish Handling in Aquaculture


As a system integrator MMC First Process provides technology, expertise and knowhow required to create real and measurable values for our customers.

We know how to handle projects of every size, and provide highly qualified teams of experienced engineers and management teams with hands-on experience.

Bringing everything together in one single unified solution requires experience and expertise. Our engineers have a 4000 sqm assembly facility available to test and troubleshoot our systems before delivery.
The expertise in MMC First Process within handling, processing and refrigeration, combined with state-of-the-art facilities makes us at trusted partner for our customers safety, the environment and the generations to come. 

Service - Aftersales & Spareparts

Always to be trusted

For our customers safety we can offer tailor-made service agreements. The wide range of service level agreements is set according to customer needs. Even if the equipment is well maintained, problems can occur. We at MMC FRIST PROCESS will always be a trusted partner also when things don’t go as planned.

We can guarantee the availability of spare parts and service. In critical situations we know that time is of essence to reduce or avoid loss. Our 24/7 – 911 helpdesk phone number is your safety when help is needed. 


Full digital live 24/7 service and support solution for use on-site on vessels and installations worldwide. 

MMC First Process offers this solution to support customers remote on-site. In challenging situations with vessels out of reach or in a matter of urgency, our solution is superb.

The solution includes a two-way communication which allows personnel from MMC First Process to share instructions and graphics on a eye-size screen to the person on-site. The system is easy to use with impeccable quality. 

This way we can provide service and assist our customers in a new and digital way. 


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