Seafood Processing

Seafood Processing


Sustainable Fish Processing Systems

The culture along the coast of Norway has been shaped by the fishing industry through long traditions. It has always been important to utilize what we harvest and maintain superior quality from the ocean to the dinner table. We learned from the generations before us that the temperature in fresh water helped us maintain the quality of the fish during winter, and so did the evolution start.

Sustainable fish handling is not only about handling the fish to reduce loss at sea and during processing, but also utilize all the resources you bring onshore to maximize profit. 

We have been at the forefront of this industry for over 30 years, we possesses unmatched competence and knowledge regards to handling, processing and cooling of fish, with tailor made systems to our customers needs.

We are a market-driven R&D company, holding the best people to developing cutting edge technology that is innovative, sustainable, safer and energy efficient. Designing, testing, troubleshooting and producing automatic solutions providing sustainable fish handling is in our nature.

When catching marine resources it is important to retain superior quality. Sustainable fish handling requires low temperature whether it is pelagic species, whitefish or salmon.

MMC First Process knows how to safeguard quality during process (as grading, storage, filleting, packing, cooling and freezing the different species) For this reason we maintain our position as a world leader handling live fish onshore.

We offer complete and sustainable system solutions within:

  • Logistics & Handling
  • Processing
  • Refrigeration
  • Energy Optimization
  • Water Treatment
  • Automation & Control


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