Stun and bleed

Stun and bleed


Enabling Sustainable Fish Farming

MMC First Process take pride in delivering the most gently and humane fish handling system. Our stun and bleed systems are based on fully integrated solutions, including handling, processing and cooling of the biomasses.

An optimal stun and bleed process on the edge of the fish cage is an important contribution to both increased fish welfare and reduced mortality. This in addition to increasing the quality of the end product.

We deliver tailormade solutions in close cooperation with our customers, and have a varieties of solutions to offer.

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Benefits of our solutions:

  • Improved fish welfare.
    • Reduced mortality (transport/waiting cage). 
    • Less handling of live fish (1 step vs 2 or 3).
    • No transport of live fish.
    • No transport mortality.
  • Improved fish quality.
    • Low Stress harves.
    • Long pre-rigor time.

  • Less carbon emissions during transport.
    • Allows for different hull construction-less fuel consumption.
    • Faster boats.
    • Higher capacity.

  • Less costly boats.
    • Can transport more fish vs water.
    • Smaller tanks/smaller boats.

  • The best biosecurity option.
    • No cross-contamination of diseases.
    • Eliminates contact between harvest fish and smolt or production fish.
    • Eliminates waiting cage challenges.
    • Completely closed vessels. No valves to sea.


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