Service 24/7

Our highly skilled and experienced field service engineers take care of troubleshooting, improvements, and repairs on board or on site wherever they are needed, often within 24 hours.

Close cooperation with our customers, where the knowledge transfer goes both ways, is often the key to solving a technical issue quickly and cost-effectively. Our customers learn more about the systems we have delivered and we learn more about our customers’ operations, so that we understand them and can help with optimization.

With several tailormade service agreements, we aim to plan and execute preventative maintenance for the equipment, thus avoiding downtime. We aim to be “upfront in securing uptime” for our customers.

Aftermarket & Service

Aftermarket & Service

24 / 7 Service: + 47 700 83 911

Committed for the life of the product

From the delivery of our systems, -we aim to support our customers and contribute to an efficient operation, -to supply services, parts, upgrades, and competence, - for the lifetime of our equipment. 

For our customers safety we can offer tailormade service agreements. The wide range of service level agreements is set according to customer needs.

3D scanning

3D scanning

​3D Scanning is an extremely effective and accurate tool for ensuring that existing conditions are documented.

3D Scanning is an extremely effective and accurate tool for ensuring that existing conditions are documented. 3D scanning makes a digital point cloud of the scanned area in a photorealistic display. The point cloud can be used to dimension all units and distances, as well as to create 3D models of new and existing equipment. It ensures precision throughout the whole planning and prefabrication phase. Tagging of units means that user manuals and procedures can also be entered, by individual component or by whole system. 3D scanning also helps to minimise the risk of unforeseen happenings in the enterprise, such as variances between “as built” and GUI drawings.

Other applications can include auto-generation of 3D “film”, for example to create virtual tours for HSE or training purposes.

The documentation offers endless possibilities for new solutions in a web interface, avoiding the need for costly licences. 3D scanning is a new-generation documentary method, which can show both the present reality and the future possibility - with millimetre accuracy. MMC First Process offers scanning of vessels, factories, locations and indoor and outdoor areas. We offer scanning for “as built” documentation, or for detailed planning of new sustainable solutions for safe fish handling.

Eyes on site

Eyes on site

Full digital live 24/7 service and support solution for use on-site on vessels and installations worldwide.

MMC First Process offers this solution to support customers remote on-site. In challenging situations with vessels out of reach or in a matter of urgency, our solution is superb.

The solution includes a two-way communication which allows personnel from MMC First Process to share instructions and graphics on a eye-size screen to the person on-site. The system is easy to use with impeccable quality. 

This way we can provide service and assist our customers in a new and digital way. 


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