CleanTreat Integrated

CleanTreat Integrated

Advanced treatment and water purification system for live fish carriers that medicinally delouses salmon

One step further

One step further

MMC FIRST PROCESS presents the ground-breaking CleanTreat® Integrated, a water purification system to be built onboard a live fish carrier.  With CleanTreat® Integrated we have increased the accessibility for farmers to use efficacious medicines that require a water purification step. With CleanTreat® Integrated we take fish welfare, safety and sustainability one step further. 

Revolutionizing Aquaculture Water Purification

CleanTreat® was initially launched in 2021 as the first water purification system designed to remove medicines from treatment water before returning it to the sea. The technology, initially implemented on PSV vessels, has successfully purified about 2 million cubic of treatment water, marking a significant step toward sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices.

Moving away from use of two vessels
The existing CleanTreat® system utilizes two vessels - a wellboat for conducting the medicinal bath treatments and a PSV for post-treatment water purification. However, in a continuous pursuit of enhancing flexibility, treatment efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall water purification, CleanTreat® is gearing up for a groundbreaking launch – CleanTreat® Integrated. This evolution is the result of a collaborative effort with MMC First Process, a company specializing in sustainable fish handling.

Strong partnership established with MMC First Process
The partnership between MMC First Process and Benchmark, established in March 2023, signifies a commitment to shaping the future of the farming industry. The outcome of their collaboration, CleanTreat® Integrated, is set to revolutionize aquaculture practices by allowing the safe use of medicines against sea lice and the purification of treatment water to occur on a single wellboat.

Advancing the technology
CleanTreat® Integrated offers several advantages, with increased accessibility being a standout feature. By consolidating the water purification process onto a single vessel, the industry gains easier access to removing medicines from treatment water with minimal environmental impact. This advancement promises a more effective, cost-efficient, and flexible use of sea lice medicines, while also paving the way for the cleansing of future medicines and other substances from bath treatments on wellboats.

Budling on complementary expertise
MMC First Process' expertise in handling live fish in well boat operations has played a crucial role in the development of the innovative CleanTreat® Integrated system. The collaboration leverages MMC First Process' extensive knowledge of wellboat technology, combined with Benchmark's expertise in medicine application and water purification. The result is a system perfectly suited to address current challenges in sea lice medicinal treatments while laying the foundation for the future growth of the farming industry.

Frank Edvard Vike, CSO at MMC First Process, emphasizes the benefits of the integrated wellboat solution, stating, "Our integrated wellboat solution, developed in close collaboration with Benchmark, adds further automation to the salmonids delousing process and reduces the need for manual intervention, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring smooth operation. Following a medicinal treatment in our closed system, CleanTreat® Integrated efficiently purifies the treatment water all onboard the wellboat.


CleanTreat® Integrated by MMC First Process – the advanced treatment and water purification system for live fish carriers that medicinally delouses salmon

  • Safe use of medicine onboard a live fish carrier
  • Onboard water purification system that removes medicines from treatment water before returning to the sea
  • Increased accessibility to use efficacious medicines that require a water purification step 
  • Streamline onboard sea lice management to increase treatment efficiency
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of the treatment operations
  • Potential to reduce onsite treatment time
  • Greater control is given to the customer for their own cost of treatment 
  • Increased flexibility when to utilise the solution
  • Great adaptability to execute desired sea lice management treatment plan - improving fish welfare by no potential delay to treatments whilst arranging for treatment water purification on a separate platform   
  • Early investment may open opportunities during any downtime to sell on and offer available capacity for treatment to other farmers who don´t possess a CleanTreat® Integrated system


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