MMC FIRST PROCESS has long experience as total supplier for pelagic processing plants. The raw materials are fragile products, demanding gentle handling during process. That’s why we offers a wide range of adjustable receiving systems, customized for our customers requirements. The distribution of fish from boat through weighing and grading can be done with vacuum pumps, traditional conveyors RID-pumps or hoppers. A combinations of several systems is also possible if requested. Receiving include a weighing of the total catch before the grading and future processing can start.Sustainable handling is always our highest priority during transport of seafood.


  • Handles different type of fish
  • Solid and reliable solutions
  • Flexible solution for take care of the total catch


  • Gentle handling of fish
  • High capacity systems
  • Fully automatic system


  • Cost effective solutions
  • Increased quality equals increased value
  • Energy efficient systems