MMC First Process offers a full digital live 24/7 service and support solution for use on-site on vessels and installations worldwide. The solution consists of a camera mounted on your helmet or cap. The camera has integrated sound, lightsource and wifi that automatically connects you to MMC First Process Digital lab. The solution includes a two-way communication which allows personnel from MMC First Process to share instructions and graphics on a eye-size screen to the person on-site. The system is easy to use with impeccable quality. The Eyes On Site solution is directly integrated in the MMC First Process service department and is available for all digital units in the company; desktop, conference and mobile units. Wifi and 4G MMC First Process offers this solution to support customers remote on-site. In challenging situations with vessels out of reach or in a matter of urgency, our solution is superb. This way we can provide service and assist our clients in a new and digital way. The solution may prove to be more time efficient than sending service personnel since our digital lab is just a click away. Saving both travel and transport of people and equipment, our solution contributes to a greener environment. Security The Eyes On Site solution increases security for biomass, equipment and personnel. As a world leader in fish handling it is our responsibility to help our customers becoming leaders in their field of handling, processing and cooling of fish to the seafood industry worldwide. The solution increases operating time, security for our customers values and their employees.


  • Live 24/7 service and support
  • Easy to use and robust construction with IP66
  • Wifi and 4G connection


  • Compact and flexible solution
  • Fully automatic
  • Time and cost efficient


  • Increases security for biomass, equipment and personnel
  • Security for our customers values
  • Flexible and scalable system


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