Movable bulkhead systems

MMC First Process movable bulkhead system builds on reliable high technology for the purpose of transporting live fish between tanks or out of the tanks. The Movable bulkhead system is located inside the fish tank. Our systems can be installed inside well-boats or onshore waiting tanks. A sustainable solution designed to ensure best possible fish welfare. Created to decrease the level of stress throughout the process chain. A stress-free fish retains maximum quality from catch to customer. In general, the live fish tanks are either rectangular (longitudinal) or circular shaped. The longitudinal movable bulkhead moves horizontally through the tank and is perforated to let water flow through it as it displaces the fish towards the suction nozzle. When the main movable bulkhead is in its end position, two smaller auxiliary bulkheads (respectively transverse and vertical bulkheads) help to vacate the tank entirely.


  • Robust design
  • Fully automated
  • Scalable solutions


  • High flexibility
  • High reliability
  • Innovative design


  • Less manuel work
  • Stress free equals higher quality
  • Safe and gentle vacating of fish


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