A mobile system that conserve the dead fish quickly and secure when/if an outbreak of a disease occurs, or a deadly algae invasion happens. The system is run automatically. This will reduce the possibility of improper use or accidents caused by human failure. Good access to heat, as well as heat recovery from surrounding equipment, will ensure that the autolysis process is started quickly inside the 10m3 storage tank. The system has a high capacity for dead fish handling, with automatic acid dosing. The bin tipper with electrical cable for chain heating, ensuring that the bin tipper will function on ruff winter conditions. The system can run around the clock, and ensilage is automatically pumped into a vehicle or boat that carries it to the onshore receiving facilities. MMC FIRST PROCESS also offers its own transport/storage containers. These containers have an integrated storage tank with a circulation pump to ensure that the mass is well mixed, and the same pump can be used to pump silage into the receiving facility’s storage tanks as needed. MMC First Process mobile ensilage system is highly flexible and scalable and can be easily transported by boat or vehicle to where it is needed. Dead fish handling for critical situations, when and where you need it to protect the environment.


  • Sea 20” HC container double doors. insulation of walls and ceilings
  • Heavy design for though environments
  • Robust and reliable design in stainless steel


  • Mobile and flexible
  • Run by one person (supervision)
  • For permanent installation and mobile use


  • Making value out of dead fish by making ensilage
  • Cost efficient Solutions
  • The hole prosses done in one container


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