Tunnel freezing

MMC First Process has long experience with delivery of complete freezing systems for seafood. We deliver tailormade solutions in different sizes of efficient and powerful freezing tunnels. The systems are based on natural refrigerant NH3 and CO2. Our goal is to create energy-efficient systems that preserve product quality by freezing raw materials in a time efficient way. Our sustainable tunnel freezing systems can be installed in combination with a cold storage. This combination creates higher flexibility and capacity for freezing and storage. Our freezing systems are developed in close co-cooperation with our customers worldwide. We also supply cooling systems for cold storage.


  • Customised MMC FP Control panel
  • Specialized evaporator fan control
  • Tailormade solutions


  • Remote service / internet connection
  • Short defrost time = low energy transfer to cold store
  • Flexible solutions


  • Lower energy cost
  • High quality product
  • Shorter freezing time