Carton Erector for Pelagic Boxes

For automatic assembly of cartons for fish processing lines

The MMC FIRST PROCESS carton erector is an automated solution for assembling cartons for use in a fish processing line. The machine can be supplied as an integral part of an MMC FIRST PROCESS Packing line system in unison  with other MMC components, or it may be installed on a stand-alone basis.

Assembling cartons using this custom-engineered machine saves your company time and money by eliminating repetitive and boring manual tasks.

Power consumption is low (0.20kW) and the machine uses a pneumatic cylinder system operating at 6-7 bar. Depending on the flow rate behind the carton erector, it can assemble as many as 24 cartons per minute.

MMC FIRST PROCESS offers a wide range of proven machinery built on smart and innovative technology. This combination positions us as the preferred total system supplier for customized packing line solutions. Our expertise is based on close co-operation with our customers worldwide. We deliver turnkey packing solutions to your requirements!

MMC FIRST PROCESS has years of experience as a total supplier of packing line systems. Our products range from complete manual packing lines to high capacity, fully automated packing solutions. Our packing lines are specially designed for sustainable handling of raw materials such as fillets and round fish.


  • Customizable for different carton sizes
  • Space-efficient solution
  • Solid and reliable machine


  • Better logistical workflow
  • High-quality HSE solution
  • HSE solution User-friendly


  • Fully automated
  • Cost-effective
  • High quality end-products


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