Hygienic Bulk Feeder

Designed for practical, efficient cleaning

MMC FIRST PROCESS’ Super Hygienic Bulk Feeder is designed for practical, efficient cleaning. Several access hatches on the sides and back allow the bulk feeder to be inspected and thoroughly cleaned. The neck also has opening in the sides.

 The plastic guides that hold the belt down are often mounted on the actual feeder frame. This makes cleaning difficult so we have solved it in a smarter way.

The driving end of the belt has no open bearings, sprocket or shaft and this feature also facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

The volume and length/width of the Super Hygienic Bulk Feeder are tailored to the customer’s specifications.

It is easy to make level adjustments manually at the side of the feeder and it can be emptied of water using the drain valve in the bottom.

MMC FIRST PROCESS has years of experience as a total supplier of packing line systems. Our products range from complete manual packing lines to high capacity, fully automated packing solutions. Our packing lines are specially designed for sustainable handling of raw materials, such as fillets and round fish.


  • Customized for volume and length/width.


  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance


  • Better cleaning and more hygienic


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