Rack Stacker

Automated rack stacker for organizing cartons in racks in preparation for freezing

MMC FIRST PROCESS has engineered an efficient  solution for stacking cartons in racks, which facilitates the transfer of packed cartons of fish into the freezer. The rack stacker can be supplied as an integral part of an MMC FIRST PROCESS Packing line system in unison  with other MMC components, or it may be installed on a stand-alone basis.

The machine automatically transfers packed cartons to a label machine and then sends them onward to an elevator, which  inserts them into the successive shelves in the rack. The cartons are rotated on alternate shelves, to ensure optimal stability when the cartons are palletized after freezing.

The motors draw a total of 7.50kW, and the pneumatic cylinder system operates at 6-7 bar. The elevator is chain driven and the machine can stack 12  cartons per

 minute, depending on the flow rates ahead of and behind the rack stacker.

MMC First Process has long experience as a total supplier of processing systems. Our process lines are specially designed for gentle and sustainable handling, from raw material through to final product. Our sustainable processing lines take good care of the main products as well as leftover raw materials. Efficient processing systems create value for our customers. Our unique expertise within refrigeration, handling and processing positions us as the preferred total supplier for processing systems.

MMC FIRST PROCESS offers a wide range of filleting and head & gut solutions. Our systems are always customized for our customers’ requirements, based on required capacity, degree of automation, type of fish and available space.


  • Handles different carton configurations
  • Space efficient solution
  • Solid and reliable machine


  • Better logistics workflow
  • High HSE solution
  • User-friendly


  • Fewer strain injuries
  • Minimizes heavy manual work and lifting
  • Cost-effective solution


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