Belt Washing Machine

Semi-automatic belt-washing machine for deep cleaning of conveyor belts

MMC FIRST PROCESS has produced this belt washing machine to simplify and speed up conveyor belt cleaning and make the process more thorough. The belt is placed in a bin. One end is then fed into the machine and the belt is pulled through and comprehensively cleaned.

This well-engineered system cleans the belt on both sides. Where belts have links, the spaces between the links are also cleaned, using custom nozzles to access the places that are hard to reach. The result is a cleaner belt than can be achieved by manual washing. 

The only preparatory action required is to dismantle the belt from its conveyor assembly. It can then be fed into the washing machine as described above.

MMC First Process has long experience as a total supplier of washing systems. We offer tailormade automatic systems for flushing, soap dosage and pipe cleaning. Our automatic washing solutions ensure good hygiene routines with high quality washing. 


  • Automatic washing program
  • Space efficient solution
  • Robust design


  • Efficient results
  • High quality washing
  • Flexible solution


  • Less manual work
  • Sustainable system
  • Better result and less bacterial growth


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