ROE Mixer for pelagic industry

A complete system solution for mixing roe as gently and efficiently as possible

The MMC FIRST PROCESS Roe Mixer is specially constructed to handle the fragile and valuable herring roe as gently and sensitively as possible – this was a top priority during the design and development phases.

Mixing roe manually is heavy, repetitive work. With a fully automated roe mixer from MMC First Process this manual work is eliminated. Roe Mixer is a complete system with a several programs, depending on the maturity of the roe. Program options provide for different quantities of water refill, processing times, numbers of cycles and agitator rotation speeds. The machine works with  1,000-litre plastic tubs. To ensure that all the roe is mixed, the plastic tubs are automatically moved to and from laterally, while two specially designed agitators simultaneously rotate gently in the roe mass.


  • Customized programs for different conditions
  • Safe system solution
  • Robust design for forklift


  • 20 plastic tubs/hour , depending on program
  • Automatic water refill
  • Special designed double mixers


  • More efficient production
  • Higher capacity, with fewer manual workers
  • Easy to operate


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