MMC FIRST PROCESS RID Fish pumping system is a new and innovative spiral pumping system. This sustainable pumping system is specially designed for gentle pumping of seafood in chilled water. During pumping the seafood is not in contact with any exterior environment except chilled water. Chilled water is a decisive factor in preservation of premium seafood quality. The MMC FIRST PROCESS RID pumping system has a wide range of applications and possibilities. The system offers long distance pumping, distribution of raw material, out bleeding of white fish, packing lines and filleting machines. The Pumping systems are scalable for the customers’ requirements regarding lifting height, capacity and type of fish. For example, our RID pumping system handles species like mackerel, herring, smolt, salmon, white fish and shrimp.


  • Low energy consumption
  • High capacity pumping
  • Silent operation


  • Gentle pumping
  • Scalable design for different conditions
  • Hygienic Design


  • Space efficient solutions
  • Automatic and cost-efficient washing program
  • Sustainable solution