G6 Mackerel Grader

Fast and accurate grading of G6 Mackerel

MMC FIRST PROCESS offers a top of the range G6 mackerel grader. The automated G6 grader singles out G6-grade  mackerel and separates them, on production lines where this high-quality mackerel is required to be packed or processed separately from the rest of the fish on a custom basis.

The grader is completely automated and can separate the G6 mackerel from a large batch of mackerel without any manual interference.

MMC FIRST PROCESS has a wide range of proven grading machines and smart, innovative grading systems. Our well-known high capacity grading systems have been global market leaders for several decades. They are installed and operated in pelagic processing plants, well boats and factory trawlers worldwide.

Our sustainable grading solutions are flexible, scalable, and customized to the customer’s requirements. As well as high capacity grading systems, we have extensive experience with reliable, electrically or manually operated pre-grading and grading systems. We continuously update our methodology on the basis of experience and apply the knowledge gained to create value for our customers


  • Automated, compact grading solution
  • Robust and reliable design


  • Fully adjustable
  • High capacity grading
  • User-friendly


  • Fast and accurate grading
  • Increased utilization of biomass
  • Less manual operation


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