Fish welfare monitoring system

MMC First Process has developed a cloud solution that will take fish handling to a whole new level in the future, with its ability to predict fish welfare issues.

Fish Welfare Technology is the general term for the digital solutions produced by the company that leads the world in handling live fish. The solution comprises the industry-leading automation system (Fish WelTech Control), which MMC First Process has been supplying to well boats for many years. New to the portfolio is Fish WelTech Insight, which adds a whole new dimension to the system.

Increased value for our customers 
Fish WelTech Insight helps the customer make sound decisions on fish welfare issues. Good fish welfare is crucial for quality, sustainability and profitability. It involves using the facts, measurable parameters and experience to make good choices. All these factors play a part in learning and development, but the complexity of the current system means that extra computing power is needed to take the next steps forward.   

Market leader
“Our existing automation system is the best in the market for managing the fish handling operations that are taking place in the present. Fish WelTech Insight then acts as the right hand of our automation system. It helps to understand historical operations and predict what will happen in future, thus broadening the scope of the way we use data and information. Examples include sharing data with the veterinary service and aquaculture installations, investigating incidents, continuous learning and establishing best practice,” says Eivind Vinje, Vice President Research & Development in MMC First Process. 


Few limitations
The system architecture has few limitations and is designed with future possibilities in mind. For the customer, this means that Fish WelTech Insight will be under continuous development and the customer’s risk of choosing a system that does not meet the test of time is minimised.

Commitment and enthusiasm
Vinje believes that commitment and continuous learning are essential if digitalisation is to succeed, and this provides much of the impetus behind the new system:

“We want to create a platform and arena where unnecessary barriers to start-up are removed. At the same time, we want to generate enthusiasm and make it impossible not to think about future improvements and what more can be achieved.”

Further development
A prototype has been developed and run in a pelagic factory for a couple of months, as logistics and access are easier when this part of the job is done onshore. The first system on board a well boat is being installed now. Many commercial installations are planned during the year and the company will work closely with these customers to further develop the system.

Technology is the solution
“This is just the beginning. We can see the potential and passionately believe that our technology will play a vital role in meeting the challenge of improving fish welfare and sustainability. We are investing wholeheartedly in the future of Fish WelTech Insight,” concludes Eivind Vinje.


Fish Weltech Insight

Fish Weltech Insight

An IoT and Big Data solution designed to collect and analyze sensor data and make it available through simple-to-use apps. This enables the organization to make better and more informed decisions. Simple, secure and flexible.

Fish WelTech Insight is a digital platform that provides operational insight for decision support and continuous improvements.

MMC First Process utilizes decades of experience as a system integrator within aquaculture, wild catch and energy systems, to translate data into meaningful apps. Common use cases include understanding operations, investigate failures or undesired situations, and plan for future improvements. Selected information from these apps can be shared with external parties for a specified time-range.

The platform is designed with flexibility and security in mind. Customer data can be business-critical, and protecting this asset is crucial, which is why the platform and infrastructure is regularly security tested by external experts.

The apps are continuously improved and expanded based on customer requests. The platform supports integrations to get additional data from your other suppliers.

Fish WelTech Insight

Fish WelTech Insight
  • Scalable to tens-of-thousands sensors/data signals
  • Sensor data, external data, manual input and video streams
  • “Best in class” security
  •  Edge data collection unit with buffering capabilities
  • Cloud system for cost efficiency, scalability and maintainability
  • 24/7 access world-wide
  • “Best in class“ security
  • Continuous learning
  • Make better decisions with a fact-based approach
  • Discover new possibilities and opportunities that would not be possible without the data 

Download product sheet: Fish WelTech Insight

MMC First Process has years of experience as a supplier of fish handling systems, that has both fish welfare and sustainability as its main focus.

MMC First Process has years of experience as a supplier of fish handling systems, that has both fish welfare and sustainability as its main focus. Transport and movement of fish in a gentle and humane fashion, ensures both enhanced fish welfare and high quality of the product that reaches the market.

The company has a wide range of products, ranging from specialized pumps, graders, water treatment systems, RSW systems, through to washing systems, packing lines and more.

We truly are a total supplier for fish handling.


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