Depalletizer MS 2010

Automatic robot solution for unloading and emptying boxes

  • Eliminates heavy manual lifting and handling 
  • High volume—feeds two lines 
  • Automatic de-strapping 
  • Effective workflow


The Depalletizer MS 2010 feeds salmon processing lines smoothly and efficiently, eliminating the need for manual lifting and handling of heavy boxes. The robot unit unloads boxes from the pallets, then cuts and removes box straps before emptying the boxes into a de-icing unit. It then places empty boxes on a conveyor to be transferred for recycling or storing and stacks empty pallets on the floor. 

The Depalletizer MS 2010 enables you to control and monitor your raw material, delivering the exact amount of fish or boxes needed for your daily production. It adapts to the pace of your production line and performs faster shifts between batches. 

The Depalletizer MS 2010 can be integrated into existing production lines with the assistance of our consultants and engineers. It can also connect to Innova software for real-time production monitoring and full traceability. 

This solution is approved for operation in wet environments and is designed to withstand washing and cleaning. 


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