Deslimer CT 1612.10

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The Deslimer CT 1612.10 rinsing system efficiently rinses off slime, blood and bacteria from salmon and trout before processing. Due to high water pressure, the fillets are thoroughly rinsed on both sides and on the inside.

In order to achieve the highest level of hygiene, the Deslimer CT 1612.10 should be integrated into the production line after deheading rather than before. The Deslimer CT 1612.10 can be delivered as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated part of a specific production line.

Tests have shown that desliming reduces the variable count of bacteria up to 98%, thus improving production hygiene. Slime should be removed early in the process to ensure low bacteria counts later in the production.

  • Efficiently rinse off slime, blood and bacteria
  • Recirculation of water through a filter system
  • Automatic On/Off activation of water nozzles
  • Built-in cleaning programme


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