MMC First Process ROE MIXER

A complete solution for mixing of roe on the most gentle and efficient method

MMC First Process roe mixer is special designed for careful and gentle handling of the fragile herring roe. The roe mixer is developed with our highest focus on gentle handling of this valuable raw material. 

 Manual mixing of roe is a heavy and routine work. With a fully automatic roe mixer from MMC First Process get you rid of this work. A complete system with a several programs dependent of the roe maturity. Programs with different quantity of water refill, process time, number of cycles and rotating speed for the agitator. 

The machine handle 1000 l a plastic bins. For get sure of mixing of all the roe, moves the plastic bins with an automatedly  lateral movement at the same time as the two special designed agitators rotate gentle in the roe mass. 


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