MOBILE EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM FOR HANDLING DEAD FISH AND SILAGE MMC FIRST PROCESS HAS DEVELOPED A MOBILE SILAGE FACILITY THAT CAN HELP THE INDUSTRY IN THE EVENT OF ONGOING DISEASE OUTBREAKS AND ALGAE BLOOMS IN THE SALMON FARMING INDUSTRY. This response system means that the enterprises can handle and preserve the fish quickly and efficiently, before decomposition sets in. The system is a fully mobile and self-contained silage system integrated in a 20-foot container.

Flexible and scalable
The system has a high grinding capacity, with automatic acid addition. In addition to getting its power from the grid, it also has an integrated diesel aggregate that makes the system self-sufficient in terms of power. By assuring good access to heat, and heat recovery from surrounding equipment, the system makes sure that the autolysis process gets started quickly inside the 10-metre-square storage/mixing tank in the container.

The system can run round the clock, and silage is automatically pumped into a vehicle or boat that carries it to the onshore receiving facilities. MMCFP also offers its own transport/storage containers. These containers have an integrated storage tank with a circulation pump to ensure that the mass is well mixed, and the same pump can be used to pump silage into the receiving facility’s storage tanks as needed.

MMCFP’s mobile emergency response system is highly flexible and scalable and can be easily transported by boat or vehicle to where it is needed