The MMC First Process CO2 strippers are designed to remove CO2 from water with high efficiency onboard vessels or on land based facilities. The CO2 strippers uses the newly designed X-AIR™ element unit and uses the crossflow principle. The water is flowing downwards while the air is flowing sideways. This results in a CO2 stripper with very high water flow capacity, while maintaining a good stripping efficiency. This design has been tested to provide consistently 60-70 % efficiency over long periods of time, and the foam generation is considerably lower than previous designs. The element unit can be lifted out of the CO2 stripper for easy cleaning, and the X-AIR™ element unit is much easier to clean than the previous bio element unit. The cylinder lift option makes this even easier, with a hydraulic cylinder mounted inside the mid-column. Two securing beams on the top to enable personnel to safely enter the CO2 stripper from the access hatch on the side.