Isolated bleeding and cooling tanks with circulation system and temperature logging that Keeps fish at premium quality . Tank sizes from 2 m3 to 40 m3. Made in stainless steel 316L

Specially designed tanks provide a good bleeding-out environment, and keep the fish chilled until they arrive at the processing plant.

The whole tank is insulated with 50 mm insulation plates and mantled with 0.9 mm stainless steel sheeting.

Temperature sensor with logging functions, so the cooling process and the part it plays in the value chain is always under control.

The stainless-steel pump keeps water and ice circulating, so there is  no temperature separation in the tank. The pump circulates the water around the salmon's gills, which ensures good bleeding-out.

The DN350 valve has an air cylinder that opens the valve quickly when emptying, so that the water and ice do not run out before the salmon.

Connection point on hatch for insertion of washing nozzle. The tank is designed to be easy to wash, with little use of chemicals.

The tank has an angled bottom, so it drains easily at the lowest point.

Can be lifted easily by truck or crane.


Ensures good control of bleeding-out and chilling process

Can be delivered in sizes from 2 m3 to 40 m3 (bigger if needed

Keeps fish at premium quality