Can have an enormous significance for the aquaculture industry

MMC First Process and Spanish APRIA Systems are ready to launch a unique water treatment solution. ELOXIRAS can become a Game Changer in the aquiculture farming industry and solve several of the challenges in the industry.

Launching ELOXIRAS:
We were sceptical when we started sniffing this possibility and technology a couple of years ago - simply because it seemed too good to be true, says the head of Research and Development (R&D) in MMC First Process, Eivind Vinje with a smile.

Water quality
Variations in the water quality of RAS systems (recirculating aquaculture systems) are a major challenge in the aquaculture industry. MMC First Process has been looking for a solution that could eliminate these variations and ensure predictable and good water quality. ELOXIRAS has been developed since 2011, and MMC First Process is very pleased to now bring it to market.

- I believe that ELOXIRAS with its advanced technology can generate a breakthrough in solving challenges related to water quality in the aquaculture industry. The solution can be used in several RAS systems, it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and can provide better fish welfare and fish health, says Eivind.

MMC First Process has a unique expertise and experience in fish handling solutions and water treatment. APRIA Systems has extensive knowledge in water treatment and reuse of marine and brackish water based on electrochemical oxidation. The two R&D areas found and complemented each other in a close collaboration to develop the product and the solution.

Never before
- The technology of electrochemical oxidation is not new, but it has never been implemented and used in aquaculture on a large scale to ensure better water quality. We have spent a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with the technology and the advantages that these solutions can provide, and we have been in dialogue with potential customers along the way. The technology has been tested and verified over longer periods, and we have received very good feedback, says Eivind.

RAS systems and TAN
In a continuous flow-through system, the water's most important task is to be a supplier of temperature and oxygen. In the RAS systems, it is not about the water itself, but its content. It is particularly challenging to keep the TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) values below a certain limit. TAN substances come from the faeces of the fish, as well as residual feed, and in excessive doses it is toxic.

Struggling with the biological filter
There are mainly two ways to reduce TAN values. One is to replace the water and the other is to have a biological filter. In many places, there is not enough access to water to be able to have continuous flow-through system, and therefore the biological filter is the only alternative. A biological filter can be demanding in several ways. It takes time to cultivate and maintain it. The effectiveness of the biofilter is also related to the temperature, and many in the industry struggle to reduce the temperature of the biofilter.

- With ELOXIRAS, you do not need a biofilter. This solution removes nitrogen compounds, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic matter, and it disinfects. This technology also makes it unproblematic to handle variations in the TAN values, Eivind explains.

Many advantages
Eivind believes the ELOXIRAS solution has many advantages compared to traditional methods. It is cost-effective, and very predictable in terms of investment costs and operating costs. In contrast to a biological filter, the system runs stably so the entire operation can be optimised.

Safe water quality
By ensuring water quality regardless of water temperature, sudden changes in biomass density, short operating times, or limitations in water exchange, MMC First Process with its total solutions will now be able to give its customers significant advantages. In addition, the solution is very environmentally friendly, among other things, it is completely free of chemicals.

Probably less mortality
- Better and stable water quality also results in better fish welfare. The strength of this solution is that you can now start farming the salmon as it is in its natural environment, i.e., variations in water temperature throughout the year. Most research in this area has concluded that precisely this factor provides the best fish health. And apparently less mortality, says Eivind.

The R&D department that Eivind heads was established in 2019. With as much innovation as there is in this industry, MMC First Process decided to set up a separate department that only works with future products and solutions.

- We are an interdisciplinary department that currently has ten people. In the last two years, we have worked hard to launch this water treatment solution. We also considered other solutions, but today we see ELOXIRAS as a perfect extension of our exciting water treatment products, says Eivind.

He is very impressed with APRIA Systems, the scale of their R&D, and the testing and verification that has been done to develop and commercialize the product that will now be launch.

The market
Initially, the market will be wellboats with time-consuming operations with closed circulation, for example transport over long distances, smolt/post-smolt facilities on land, holding tanks on land, and purge tanks on land.

- Eventually we will also consider land-based fish farms, concludes Eivind Vinje, who has great faith in the new product as a significant problem solver for the aquaculture industry.



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