Deliver prestigious fully automated pelagic factory to Irish customer

February 02, 2023

"The Team at MMC First Process have a high level of understanding of the seafood industry and could take us through the design of our new plant effortlessly"

“Gallagher Bros Ltd is a customer we know well through our long-term presence in Killybegs.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to be selected as the supplier, as they invest in a new, fully automated factory for the future,” says Per Arild Aamelfot, Sales Manager Pelagic Process in MMC First Process.

MMC First Process has worked very closely with the customer to create the optimal factory solution. It will be important for the customer to include all functionalities and achieve the greatest possible flexibility.

“The factory has efficient processing and capacity, which is adapted to the new “Box Freezer” that will also be installed as part of the new plant. It has been important to achieve extensive automation, right from reception to the final product stacked on pallets. The factory that MMC First Process will be delivering consists of fish reception, automatic weighing-in, sorting and distribution to both packing lines and filleting machines,” explains Stig Morten Skaar, Sales Manager Processing in MMC First Process.

David Gallagher, Director - Gallagher Bros. (Fish Merchants) Ltd, had said the following about the project:

“We have been familiar with MMC First Process for many years as we have seen their installations in full operation at many sites in our industry. Colleagues within the industry spoke very highly of MMC First Process and from our early engagement with them, it was clear why.

The Team at MMC First Process have a high level of understanding of the seafood industry and could take us through the design of our new plant effortlessly.

Their knowledge and experience played a key role in the development of our processing facility and we have full confidence the project will yield increasing efficiencies.” 

It must be possible to process and pack the various products simultaneously. The solution being provided by MMC First Process is flexible and will enable the customer to tailor production to market demands and needs.

The new machinery will be installed in existing buildings that are being upgraded and made ready for the automated factory. 

“We started early in the work process by 3D scanning and documenting the existing factory. This enabled us to obtain a full understanding of the existing methodology. It meant that we had a good basis for modelling and testing various options in 3D, so that we could develop an optimal solution in consultation with the customer,” explains Skaar. “MMC First Process is proud to have won this prestigious contract for a factory with this exciting level of automation for Gallagher Bros Ltd. We thank them for their faith in us and look forward to seeing the factory in full operation in the autumn,” concludes Per Arild Aamelfot.


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