Transformation of the pelagic industry starts in Irland

February 21, 2023

MMC First Process signs a contract on the first value-added plant for the pelagic industry with WARD Fish Group

In 2021 MMC First Process and Marel established a joint venture to transform the pelagic industry. “We were two globally leading solution providers complementing each other in pelagic processing.  Through this partnership we aimed to transform the pelagic industry by maximizing value creation from pelagic resources through processing around the year. Our main goal was to find solutions to minimize waste, and optimize sustainability during catch, logistic and processing of fish. We are extremely happy to see that we have reached an important milestone with WARD Fish Group. This is definitely a breakthrough in this strategic venture, which is important for the entire pelagic industry, says Petter Leon Fauske“

MMC First Process signs a contract on the first value-added plant for the pelagic industry with WARD Fish Group

“MMC First Process has been supplying technology to Ward Fish for more than 10 years. They have three separate receptions for pelagic species in Ireland. This will be the first Pelagic Transformation Plant built specifically for value added products, where MMC First Process is the turnkey provider,” says Per Arild Aamelfot, sales manager pelagic process.

Donegal Fish Ltd, owned by WARD FISH GROUP, has been established in Killybegs, Ireland as a leading fish processor and trade supplier for over 20 years. The company specializes in processing and exporting pelagic fish – horse mackerel, mackerel, herring, blue whiting and sprats.

“Donegal Fish invited tenders from technology companies all over Europe, but it became clear relatively early in the process that they would continue to work with MMC First Process,” says Stig Morten Skaar, sales manager process. “The solution that we have designed includes a system for filleting, pinboning and packing consumer portions, as well as an industrial vacuum-packing installation and temperature control system for mackerel fillets,” explains Skaar.

Kenny Ward of Donegal Fish Ltd said the following about the project:

“Right from the initial planning stages at the very beginning of the project, our relationship with MMC First Process has been first class.  All involved were keen to provide practical solutions and innovative design ideas. Through regular meetings, we worked together to arrive at a solution that was extremely sophisticated and innovative. It will meet all of the needs we requested during the planning stages.

MMC First Process’s own experience in fish processing, fish handling and energy efficiency and MMC’s cooperation agreement with Marel for further processing, have been very important success factors in this project.

Throughout the final design stages, all members of MMC First Process worked enthusiastically, in collaboration with us, to achieve an effective final design. The result will be one of the most sophisticated value-added fish-processing facilities in the world. We are delighted to be involved with MMC First Process and look forward to a long and productive future relationship.”

The production on several key components are already started up, and we are looking forward to see this plant up and running by the end of the year says Per Arild Aamelfot.

Foto attached: FL; Per Arild Aamelfot, Petter Leon Fauske, Stig Morten Skaar


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