MMC First Process announces comprehensive delivery to Hima Seafood at Rjukan

February 19, 2024

MMC First Process has signed an agreement with Eyvi AS for delivery of a fish logistic system to Hima Seafood AS’s land-based aquaculture plant at Rjukan.

Under this contract, MMC First Process will be responsible for supplying equipment and technology for moving live fish in the installation. The fish logistic system is designed to ensure good fish welfare when handling fish, all the way from the growth phase to processing.

 The technology contributed by MMC First Process is based on systems assembled and developed during three decades of experience supplying the well boat industry and land-based aquaculture - where the MMC FP is a leading supplier of systems for handling large, live farmed fish.

 Heidi Kyvik, CBDO of Eyvi AS, emphasizes that they have chosen MMC First Process as their supplier because of the significant optimisation the company has achieved in fish transfer technology and, not least, their expertise in handling live fish gently.

 “These are important criteria, both for fish welfare in itself and for successful land-based farming of fish for consumption. This installation will be a shop window for us and for the whole industry, so it is obviously important to choose a partner who can bring us extensive experience and a history of reliable fish handling,” says Kyvik.

 Børre Haanes Waagan, Sales Director for Land-based Aquaculture in MMC First Process, says this is a very important contract for the company:

 “The contract enables us to bring out into the open a fish logistic system that provides gentle handling for every individual live fish. The system is designed so that Hima Seafood can transport and sort fish whenever required, optimising fish welfare and allowing the full production capacity of the plant to be utilised.

 Land-based aquaculture can be compared with running a hotel, where well-being and full occupancy give the best results, and this is exactly what we are facilitating for Hima Seafood in Rjukan,” says Waagan.

 MMC First Process expects further positive developments in this market and has been building up a specialist team for land-based aquaculture since 2019, based on experience and expertise from well boats, holding tanks on land and the collective fish-handling competence of the company’s personnel.

 Frank Edvard Vike, CSO Fish Handling in MMC First Process, says it is a joy to see long-running products like crowding grids and tower silos, previously supplied for well boats and minor land-based plant, now being delivered for a full-scale land-based aquaculture customer.

 “These systems mean we are being taken seriously when fish welfare is an important factor. We passionately believe that the collaboration now started with Eyvi AS, will also open new opportunities, including Hima Seafood’s enterprise in the USA,” concludes Vike. 


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