Fish welfare and food production

October 05, 2021

At MMC First Process, we develop systems that ensure biomass security, and solutions for gentle and safe fish handling. The program defines how the systems are built and used to maintain fish welfare and quality.


  • MMC First Process enables increased maritime food production through improved fish welfare and quality both within farming and wild catch. We will continually develop and improve systems to increase the share of useful fish.


  • Data driven focus on fish welfare
  • Reduced loss and waste in food production
  • Transform industry through research and development
  • Reduce fish death within fish handling
  • Increase quality of wild catch
  • 100% use of residual raw material

At the root of MMC First Process’ contribution to the SDGs is the way MMC First Process enables others to provide increased food security by developing improved hardware, software and processes. Our goal is for all bio-mass to survive and become food of the highest quality. This aligns closely with the needs of our customers, based on a more sustainable production. Both in wild-catch and aquaculture, our solutions improve fish welfare. 

Ambition -> No dead fish
Fish welfare is also an ethical and moral choice and this choice is steeped in our heritage. By carefully considering the fish welfare, we remain true to our heritage and can focus on our customer`s value chain and the end result: Superior quality fish products. The process of improving fish welfare starts at the design table and ends with deployment and training of our customers.

Our employees aim to be the best in the world at designing fish handling systems. There is continuous  improvement and MMC First Process applies design thinking processes to ensure we are ahead of the curve and ensure the fish remain alive and healthy as long as possible. In the drawing process we consider every single detail of our system with fish welfare in mind. Our documentation and quality control system is such that all parts of the drawings are checked for missteps and errors – not only with regard to operational design, but also to fish welfare. 

When converting a drawing to an actual product our engineers are expert welders, down to the smallest detail. Depending on the application of the process, metals and methods of welding are chosen – with fish welfare in mind. The weld seams exposed to fish are particularly monitored and quality assurance protocols are applied in every step of the process. Whilst also continually reducing surplus metal, we ensure all sharp edges are ground and the finished product is fish welfare friendly.

After delivery and implementation of MMC First Prosess’s systems we educate and support our partners and customers to make sure that the systems are used to their full potential. Extensive training programs and support functions are implemented so that the fish handling processes are of the highest quality.

The installation of our systems is a documented process with a complete quality control regime. MMC First Process has developed separate production and control documentation to promote and secure continued development of fish welfare.


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