Breakthrough for MMC First Process in Chile

August 30, 2019

MMC FIRST PROCESS delivers waithing tanks to Australis Seafoods in Chile. Petter Leon Fauske said in a press release that the contract is a breakthrough for MMC First Process when it comes to land-based deliveries to the aquaculture industry. - We have used our total expertise in fish handling to develop a high-tech system for these waiting tanks, and are now supplying a facility that allows Australis Seafoods to reach an even higher level in terms of the quality of the fish they deliver, the general manager says. This will be the first waiting tank plant of its kind to be delivered to Chile. - Waiting tank means that the producer has control over water quality and temperature as well as the fish flowing stress-free with the flow out of the waiting tanks and is in very good condition when it enters the stunning system, says Fauske.


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