Shaping the future of fish handling

September 27, 2021

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to MMC First Process’ first sustainability report

This report describes how we aim to continue our growth with the Sustainable Development Goals as our compass to strengthening the company’s value proposition as an enabler of the sustainable production and delivery of healthy food to more people globally.

Growing up on the western coast of Norway the sea has always been a central part of my life, as a regular source of food on my family’s dinner table, as the foundation of a local industry providing employment to local men and women, and as the basis of precious childhood memories of fishing trips with family and friends.

My story is familiar to anyone growing up in our part of western Norway. This has ingrained a local culture of respect for the ocean and what it has to offer, leading to a tradition of sustainable resour­ce management by harvesting only what we need and utilizing as much as possible of the resources we have harvested.

This ethos has been fundamental to MMC First Process from its inception and has been instru­mental in developing our company to a global leader in sustainable fish handling solutions. As the climate crisis has been elevated to the most important challenge of our lifetime, we are prepared to take on more responsibility and build on our legacy to be a complete gamechanger in addressing the key sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the fishing industry globally.

To guide this mission, we have embraced the Sustainable Development Goals as our common agenda to sustainable development. We have used the SDGs to identify the most material issues for our stakeholders and where MMC First Process can have a significant impact we have made these integral to our business strategy. Consequently, our sustainability efforts are focused around three strategic pillars:

1. Fish welfare and sustainable food production

2. Competency and Society

3. Sustainable value chain

The purpose of our sustainability report is to be transparent about our current sustainability per­formance, to communicate our future goals and to share the story on how we aim to achieve those goals.

I am particularly proud to introduce you to our partnership with the Olympic athlete and fierce de­fender of the oceans, Martin Helseth, who you will meet on pp 12 of the report.

There are challenging times ahead for all of us, but there can be no excuses. MMC First Process can continue to enable our partners and customers to achieve a sustainable bio-mass industry by carefully managing our common resources and accessing new markets. I am confident that MMC First Process is part of the solution. Our ambition is to scale our solutions and share our knowledge to provide more sustainable food based on marine proteins on dinner tables globally.

If you have comments or questions about any aspect in this report, please do not hesitate to get in touch to engage with me or one of my committed colleagues.

Thank you for reading our report.


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