Modernises one of Asia’s largest fish markets

June 27, 2023

The project is finally coming to fruition after 10 years’ work. MMC First Process has been chosen as the supplier, when Busan Fish Market in South Korea invests in a pelagic fish reception installation.

The project is a breakthrough, as it will modernise fish handling and make production in one of Asia’s premier fish markets more efficient.

“When we first visited the market all work was manual so we saw great potential for improving working conditions, enhancing safety and making the seafood production more efficient. We introduced our proposed technology for the market and were able to show them previous installations we have supplied in Asia and Europe, thereby demonstrating the scope for modernisation,” says Per Arild Aamelfot, Sales Manager Pelagic Processing Installations in MMC First Process.

Tailormade solution The solution comprises a reception area that is specially designed for receiving very mixed catches. The system is tailormade for the Korean fishery and includes machinery that sorts the catch into several sizes. It also includes onward distribution for further processing and sorting, visual checking, control weighing and separating out damaged fish and unwanted species. 

Safer working conditions

The chosen solution has been developed to handle the fish gently and efficiently. This type of system also provides better, safer working conditions for employees, which is a big step forward for the South Korean fishing industry. The project has been through many phases and the reception installation is defined as the first step in larger process. 

Long history

“We have been represented locally in South Korea ever since 2014 and have experienced good, close cooperation from our own agent and partner Dusung International. MMC First Process has the entire world as its marketplace, so it has always been important to have a presence in places where there is demand and significant potential for automation,” explains Aamelfot.


There have been several rounds and phases since this project started in 2014. The solutions have developed in step with the market and customer requirements.

“We are therefore proud to have been selected as supplier and partner. The project is Government-funded and both the fishing boat organisations and Busan Cooperative Fish Market have been involved,” says Stig Morten Skaar, Sales Manager Process in MMC First Process.

Ready to start operating in 2024

Petter Leon Fauske, CEO of MMC First Process, believes that important success factors have been a good general understanding of the market, industry and fishery conditions in South Korea, plus MMC First Process’s ability to create innovative solutions based on specific market and customer requirements.

“Our installation team will install the equipment before Christmas and the reception plant will be ready for operation in 2024. We look forward to continuing to work closely together in the future,” says Aamelfot.

Photo from left: Per Arild Aamelfot, Stig Morten Skaar, Petter Leon Fauske, Kim Pyeong-Ho and Kim Minkyun.

(Kim Pyeong-Ho is owner and chief executive of DU-SUNG INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD and has been the agent for MMC First Process since 2013. Kim Minkyun is the next generation. After several years studying in England, he has acted as interpreter during several visits to Norway.)

About BUSAN Fish Market

The Busan Cooperative Fish Market, or BCFM, is the largest fish market in South Korea.

More than 30% of the country's fish production passes through the market. The market first opened in November 1963, but was later moved to its present location in 1973. The market occupies an area of 166,420 m2, of which about 10% is a refrigerated working area. 


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